SSR-01 - Fad Diets and Nutritionists (Part 1 of 2)

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  • Song Name: Fad Diets and Nutritionists (Part 1 of 2)
  • Artist: Sunday Spit Roast
  • Album: Sunday Spit Roast
  • Year: 2014

Here we try to take a wry and balanced view of the current obsession the world has with it's scales.
According to the powers that be, the world has been super-sized over the top of it's badly fitting jeans and needs to slim down!
Our over-indulgent bodies need to get off their cushioned behinds and make some drastic changes.
Who can save us from ourselves? Who can help us be the happier, slimmer people we deserve to be? Well send in the Nutritionists. Dispense the Diets. Let's make the world a better place AND make a buck at the same time!
The Sunday Spit Roast team try to tackle this subject by using their usual brand of badly researched comic investigative journalism and try and get to the bottom of this nightmarish nutritional dietary dilemma.

Part 1 features the comedian Suzy Bennett as our special guest call in.Suzy talks candidly (and very amusingly) about her experiences with the dieting, rehab, therapy and her love of all things KFC!
Also on this episode are you hosts: Charlie Stanton, Damian Kingsley and Frank Cassidy.
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The Sunday Spit Roast team